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Tarot's Voice
Using ancient tools to provide solutions to 21st century problems!

TABI Reader Alison provides you with friendly, in-depth readings where the emphasis is placed firmly on what YOU can do to improve your situation. Contact Alison now to find out more.

Payments by Paypal accepted and readings carried out by e-mail or MSN Messenger if preferred.

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Professional Tarot Readings via email, face to face (if local) or MSN. I offer real, intuitive, insightful and practical interpretations, with your choice of deck and spread, with an photograhic image enclosed of the cards drawn.

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Inner Whispers - Intuitive Tarot by Chloë

Based in London, I offer compassionate, professional, intuitive readings face-to-face, by email, and over the phone or via SKYPE. Also available for parties and events.

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Diana's professional level email readings offer powerful insights, integrity, friendliness and complete privacy. She has years of experience in the 'psychic' arena and uses Tarot to look for options, confirmation, truthful answers and ways forward. She is an experienced Trainer and Mentor, providing tuition and support to readers at all levels. Learn Tarot and better understand its Astrological symbolism! Come visit her websites for free articles, blog, readings and support options. Something for everyone!

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Professional readings (distance, telephone and F2F (in North Wales) recorded to CD) to give you guidance and direction in your life, using Thoth, Margarete Petersen, Sacred Circle decks, and my psychic impressions.

Online Thoth Tarot training for tarot readers, looking at intuitive and psychological aspects of this deck in an experiential way. Free 'Card of the Month' Intuitive Journey into tarot cards available. See website for more details of Tarot Readings and Professional Thoth Training.

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I am a caring sensitive reader, intuitive and inspirational. I have worked with and studied the tarot for many years and offer readings in person, via email, telephone and webcam. I also attend local events (I am based in Cornwall), and sometimes offer courses. Payments for readings accepted via Paypal.

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A Tarot Reader for over 10 years with counselling training. My 'day-job' is as a teacher and ceramicist
Available for face-to-face readings in a location of your choice.
Fairs and Events.
Pricing on demand.
Physical location: Hampton Court/ East Molesey, Surrey

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TABI Endorsed Tarot Reader

The Cards and Cat Dubh
Create a Channel
Informative, Empowering and Healing
Tarot Readings
for You
The Querent.

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Endorsed reader and mentor in TABI.
Helping you to find solutions and direction in love, work, career, relationships, health, vocation, money and life.

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Tarot is a powerful tool that enables us to gain insight into trends in our lives and helps unlock hidden thoughts and knowledge that can guide us on life's journey. As an endorsed reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles, I use the Tarot to offer genuine intuitive readings via e-mail, offering practical guidance to help clients recognise and understand what choices are available to help with everyday problems. PayPal accepted.

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Having been psychic since childhood and with an in-depth knowledge of the Tarot, Celia would be pleased to offer readings at reasonable rates. Paypal is acceptable.

I like to think of Tarot as a tool for guidance and intuition as we tread life's path. Tarot can open doors that we may otherwise leave closed and offer help as we tread life's path.

I am based in Shropshire and would be pleased to receive your question on the subject of your choice.

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I offer intuitive and empowering readings, using the symbolism of the tarot to give guidance and support. I believe that each of us is part of a story, and that tarot can illuminate your personal tale, and show you the next chapter . A tarot reading from me takes you deeper into your own reality, and gives you the images which can help you to create the life you seek.

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Personal, private, confidential readings by e-mail or Skype. Face to face for residents and visitors to the Isle of Wight.
Tarot parties, fun psychic workshop/tarot parties and tarot/psychic games evenings. Events, shows and fairs large and small in Hampshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight. THE BEST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON!
Experienced, fully insured and CRB checked.

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I offer my Tarot readings from the heart. You will find my readings are honest, empowering and positive. I have been reading Tarot for 25 years now, face to face, by phone and email. I am a Tarot reader for a premium phoneline company and also an endorsed reader with Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI). I also offer readings with Oracle Cards and Witch Runes, these are more brief readings and consist of three cards.

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I offer ethical, intuitive, practical readings which aim to give you not a vision of the future, but an encouraging action plan for moving yourself forwards, based on a clearer idea of where you are now.

My readings are down-to-earth, with clear, friendly guidance you can understand. I will use the cards to examine your question, turning challenging information into positive suggestions to help you move on with your life.

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Julie T Tarot can help at times when you "can't see the wood for the trees" - or when you'd just like to know more about your current situation.

Whether reading for you by email or in person, I provide an honest interpretation of your cards, together with practical guidance from the Tarot.

I'm also available for Tarot parties and events in West Suffolk.

(Need a gift for the "person who has everything"? Try a Julie T Tarot Gift Certificate!)

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Need some insight into a problem or situation? Having difficulty seeing the way ahead? Looking for some guidance or inspiration in order to make changes? Drop your question into the alembic, and see it transformed into 'gold' through an in-depth tarot reading!

I offer readings by e-mail, looking at where, what, and how you can change things and move forward.

E-mail me now to find out more. Payment by PayPal accepted.

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I offer confidential in-person Tarot readings for those in my locality (Somerset), and email readings for those who live further afield or who prefer a written interpretation to keep and reflect on.
I am a natural intuitive with a long-term personal involvement in Jungian psychology, dream-work and the language of symbols.
My aim is to help you understand yourself more fully, and gain insight into your life's journey and purpose.

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I have been reading the Tarot for over 30 years and have been a member of TABI since 2007.
When reading for a client, I use the cards to shed light on their problem and as a counselling tool to give confidential and compassionate advice.
I am in the Twickenham, West London area and offer face to face readings or readings by email. I also teach Tarot

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Tarot can bring such deep insight into our lives, and everyone deserves to enjoy this. My readings are centred on your self-guidance, empowerment and personal growth. It really is true: tarot helps you find the answers within yourself. It is the most powerful divination tool for giving clarity and direction.

I supply tarot readings by email, or live online via Skype.

Email me for a chat about what tarot can do for you!

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In my readings, I aim to use the Tarot to help you to gain some insight and to help you to see your situation more clearly whether it's to do with a relationship, work or spiritual development. I'm an astrologer and I use astrological correspondences to inform my readings and to help with questions regarding timing.
A client said: "I would say that your reading was the best Tarot reading I've ever received"

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I give psychic tarot readings using my intuition while linking to my many spiritual helpers; I call this natural channelling. My role as a professional reader is to guide and empower you so that you can develop and grow into the full potential of the unique, special and divine being you are. Readings by phone, email, Skype or face to face.
I encourage you to ask specific questions, or you can focus on a particular area of your life, or just leave it to the universe to decide what you need to know.

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Wonder what the cosmos is whispering that you can't quite make out?
With the Tarot, we can clear away the mists and give you more awareness of yourself and the situations surrounding you so you can make the best choices on how to move forward.
I provide readings via email or Skype. I accept payment via Paypal. Just click on my picture for more details and a link to my website.

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Merry Meet!
I create tailor made readings, so prices range from £5–30 (Paypal). If you choose me to read for you, we will discuss before hand what spread and deck is most suitable and what you feel comfortable with. I also like to use astrology, numerology or any tool I can in order to give you a well-rounded and in-depth reading.
Readings are usually done via e-mail unless you specifically request another method.

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I am an intuitive Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down -to-earth advice for many people. I offer intuitive and insightful interpretations of the cards in each reading which will be individual to you, included in each reading will be images of the cards drawn. Visit my blog for your daily tarot card and further information. I look forward to reading for you soon. Thank you x

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I offer tarot readings by email from my home in East Sussex. I use tarot as a way to empower you and as a tool to gain insight into the issues in your life.
I don't use tarot purely as a fortune-telling tool. I can tell you what a likely outcome will be if you continue on your present life course, but you have the ability to change that course and shape your future.

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My passion for Tarot began over 20 years ago when I first started studying it. I soon found that it is an amazing tool to help us negotiate the ups and downs of life, and to find a way through the confusion. I read at Psychic Fairs and also specialise in readings by email. Face-to-face readings can also be arranged via my website or by emailing me. Paypal payments accepted.

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I offer professional, compassionate readings via email or face-to-face from my Kent base. I use the tarot to provide insightful, intuitive and empowering interpretations for growth and guidance.
I also read for events and parties.

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I'm a tarot reader, qualified counsellor, musician, and I also run an LGBT helpline. All of these things inform my practise – my readings are creative, sensitive, empowering, ethical, unpretentious and inclusive. I've been reading for over 10 years and my readings offer insight into where you are now, and how you can move forward positively.

Readings are by email (worldwide) or face-to-face in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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I offer a professional, discreet tarot reading service, either by email or face to face in Folio shop in Southsea, Hampshire on Mon, Tue and Wed. If life is not making sense and you have no idea what to do next, ask the Tarot and let it clear away the fog and guide you towards the right path for you.
Parties and events considered.
Paypal accepted only for email readings.

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I've been reading tarot professionally for 16 years and provide down-to-earth email readings. I'm also available for one-to-one readings and tarot parties in Cardiff and Mid Glamorgan.

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I'm Sarah, aka Sezo, and I have been working with Tarot for 15 years.
I offer readings that are very much focused on you, the energies around you and how you can use those energies to empower you and your goals - specializing in love, self-development and spiritual questions.
I have a strong spiritual and ethical background and work hard so you get the most out of your reading.

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I am new to astrology, but have been using runes since 1984. I use the Anglo-Saxon Futhork mainly.
I use various tarot decks for different types of question; my style is intuitive but I also like to take into consideration the influence of Kabala.
I ask all clients to remember that the power for change comes from within. Divination is a tool to help you see things more clearly and make the correct decisions.

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Tarot is the perfect companion to Astrology, and the two can be used very effectively together in order to navigate through the difficult periods that we may encounter in life. Using a combination of current planetary transits, and my intuitive use of the Thoth Tarot, I can help you to gain a deeper insight into the current patterns in your life. All options can be discussed, to your personal choice.

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You have a question and the Tarot has the answer, but you need to find the bit in the middle - someone to read the cards. I'm Niall and I aim to interpret the cards for you in a creative, practical, compassionate way to offer you insight into your current situation to help you navigate a way forward.
Readings are by email, Skype /Zoom or face to face in Hastings, East Sussex.

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My name is Ava. I have been reading the Tarot for six years. I mentor on the TABI endorsement program too. I am also a qualified counsellor. My approach to the Tarot is compassionate, down to earth and affordable. I seek to give clients readings they can use to help reflect on their situation and help take charge of their life. My prices are in USD. I have PayPal on my website to accept payments.

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TABI Non-Endorsed Readers

Jem Hawthorn Tarot & Esoteric Numerology

Elite Tarot


Tim Brooks
I started to read professionally in 1996 and now full time since 2005. I am based on the UK south coast in Emsworth on the West Sussex/Hampshire border. I specialise in 12 month forecasts and practical readings for both private individuals and small businesses. Readings are usually on CD or via email. If you are in my area then face to face readings are much more fun.

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I am a psychic tarot reader, Reiki energy healer and life & soul coach. I give readings on love, relationships, career, life issues--giving you insight, clarity and understanding to steer your life in the direction you desire. I also provide twin flame/twin soul guidance. Readings via email, phone and Skype.

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A pack of Tarot cards is a world in miniature, providing us with messages and advice. As a reader, I interpret and translate these to help clients navigate through those challenging moments in life. As a tarot-reading numerologist, my traditional approach to tarot comes with a numerological twist, combined with intuitive elements. Email readings available with a number of decks – please contact me for details. Member of TABI since 2005.

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Intuitive since birth, Eve has been providing insight for decades to those seeking guidance. Eve's tarot card readings are positive, optimistic, and empowering. In Eve's hands, there is nothing scary about a tarot card reading as it serves only as an aid to help clients achieve optimal happiness and success. Readings are conducted via phone and Skype worldwide and include a recording of the session, summary sheet and photo of the final tarot layout.

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