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External professional courses

Courses run by TABI’s professional members


Diana McMahon-Collis Fast Track Astrology Courses Online
Levels 1, 2 and 3
Emma Sunerton-Burl and Semele Xerri Online Thoth Deck Training Course
Christiane Online Tarot Courses / Workshops in Leeds
Mick Frankel Introduction to Tarot – courses

Upcoming courses and workshops are also often advertised on our events page.

Diana Collis – Fast Track Astrology Online

Fast Track Astrology (FTA) is a flexible, module-based course system suitable for beginners, improvers/revisers, those wishing to read birth charts and anyone interested in astrology-tarot connections. In a home-study format, with tutor feedback available, any number of modules can be studied. In FTA Diana combines decades of ‘hands-on’ experience with extensive learning in several divination areas. Students benefit from quick and easy access to a lifetime’s study and practice. The tutor is a long-term writer and editor in the mind, body & spirit field and the course content is well-researched and thoughtfully presented, in a user-friendly style. Students go on to use FTA files as regular reference manuals!

Diana trained with the Company of Astrologers and brings experience as a TABI mentor & trainer, ATA mentor and corporate trainer to one-to-one work. Ad-hoc, tailored sessions of mentoring & tuition in astrology and tarot can also be arranged. For more information on Fast Track Astrology see Tuition & Mentoring at http://mindbliss.co.uk or email Diana directly.

Emma Sunerton-Burl – On line Thoth Deck Training Course

This is an experiential course and is designed for those who have some experience with a tarot deck, though not necessarily the Thoth. Our approach is from a psychological perspective, and an intuitive angle, using visualisation into cards to gain our own information.


We will look at personal blocks to using the Thoth and there will be quite a bit of personal work. Also we will cover developing your intuition with the Thoth. You will benefit from individual tuition as well as the group environment, sharing what you learn and know with each other. It is a 16 week course, and has breaks over any school holidays. Courses start in Sept and Feb time. Courses for developing your intuition using RWS style decks also
available – please enquire.


For more information on the course content and the tutors see Online Thoth Tarot Course on their website or contact Emma directly on emma@tarot-training.co.uk.



Christiane – Online Tarot Courses & Workshops in Leeds

Christiane has been reading and studying Tarot for many years and is a TABI mentor and trainer. With a teaching background she enjoys running Tarot workshops and courses in Leeds and online. Through her website, Christiane is offering dedicated individual online training; one-off or regular sessions as well as a comprehensive home study beginner’s course.

Christiane specialises in teaching to read the Tarot intuitively, so it is not necessary to memorise card meanings. Usually after just one training session, students feel more confident with the Tarot, when they apply the intuitive reading method.

To find out more about Christiane and her range of Tarot training services, visit her website cosmictarot.co.uk, or send an email.


Mick Frankel – Introduction to Tarot Courses

Mick writes: ‘I regularly run weekend “Introduction to Tarot” courses in Manchester.

The course runs from 10-5 Saturday and Sunday and is very practical and interactive. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas from the start.

At the end of each day, there’s a practical session where everyone gets the chance to practise Tarot reading.

Once you’ve completed the introductory course, you can come on the “Advanced Tarot” weekend which goes into the links between Tarot and Astrology.

There’s also an “Introduction to Astrology” weekend course which has nothing to do with Tarot. You get to know the basic building blocks of Astrology and start to look at birth-charts.’

For more details, please email Mick.


Magenta – Tarot Workshops and Courses

Are you curious about the Tarot and what exactly they really are? Do you have a deck of cards but can’t really get to grips with them? Then come and join my workshops to learn more about this fascinating subject and all the myths and superstition around them!

I offer either 1 off workshops or Courses of 4 modules, each with a specific aspect of the Tarot for both Beginners and Advanced students. Each two hour workshop will be held in Twickenham, West London.  Booking is essential as there are limited places with a maximum of 10 students per class to ensure each student has time with me.

Please email me for dates and further information on magenta@new-age-web.com or ring 020 8898 1919 or see my website www.new-age-web.com.